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I may not be a lion but I am a lion's cub and I have a lion's heart

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i'm in gryffindor!

I may not be a lion

Hello,welcome to my journal,the wild world,I present myself,My name is Chloé, 19, student, I am a cinema lover and a passionate of Tudor history espescially Henry VIII. I love reading (Harry Potter, Alice in WOnderland, Oliver Twist), painting, making icons, taking photos, and cooking bakeries, espescially Chocolate cakes. I Study at an Art school, I study animation, cinema, and I loooove it :D
Welcome to the Wild world

here I post random fact,memes,and all things I need to share,I think I am friendly and open,so don't be scared to friend me.My journal is friends only, so if you want to be on my friends' list, just leave a comm, don't be scared, I am open to new friends.I also make reviews for movies or tv shows.I have a big admiration for lions which are my fav animals,it's really important to me,and that's why I choose Liona5 as username.
I speak Dutch ,French,Greek and of course English...

Down the Rabbit hole

Loves: The Tudors, Henry VIII, Alice in Wonderland, Disney, Harry Potter.
Actors/Actresses: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Johnny Depp, Henry Cavill, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jason Isaacs, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Paget Brewster, Rachel McAdams
Fandoms: The Tudors,Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, , Alice In Wonderland,Disney,Game of Thrones, The Borgias, Camelot, Merlin BBC,Pirates Of the Carribean, The Addams Familly. .

We are on the Edge of A golden World

And finally, I just wanted to promote tudorstills, theicontest I mod, about the Tudors and golden_edge,my graphic community,yes because I am an icon lover maker,wallpapers,picpams,etc.Wonderful"Harry potter" Moodtheme made by kohler

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