THG: Everdeen

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♣ Hello there, I decided that finally that my lj is to be a  Friends only journal, just for my privacy, but if you want to add me, just comment, and I'll be glad to add you back, I am open to new friends, so don't be scared.
My graphics, picspam & reviews for movies & tv shows are not friends only, so you can read them.
I post my graphics here @ golden_edge 
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GoT: Protecting you


I'm promoting throneland  for my team, I know a lot of my friends here have been conquered by the GoT love , so if you do, join this comm, it's soooo GREAT!!

Go join throneland a Game Of Thrones challenge community. Here you apply for a team either, Team Stark, Team Lannister, Team Targaryen or Team Baratheon.
apply for your team here
make sure you read the rules and tell them  liona5  sent you.
THG: Everdeen

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Hey there, I made some wallpapers/headers/banners, so I post them^^
1) TV shows: Battlestar Galactica (2), Buffy (1), The Tudors (6)*Spoilers for season 4,last episode.
2) Actor/Actresses: Emily Blunt (2), Meryl Streep (2), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (2), Emma Watson (1)
3) Harry Potter (4)
4)Misc: Henry VIII /Elizabeth I (1)

See them here @ golden_edge 
Hope you'll like